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What is IMPACTS?

IMPACTS stands for Inspiring, Meaningful, Passionate, Adventurous, Content, True Self.

These are the self-discovery tools that we will be discussing during coaching sessions. This is also the clarity we hope to get at the end of the coaching sessions, which will empower you reaching towards whichever goal you want to pursue, sustainably.

Each individual is uniquely beautiful and strong in their own way. We are your mirror, your thinking partner and the nudge you need but might never come across before, to uncover your full unlimited potential.

Coaching Topic

"Happiness is a skill that you develop and a choice that you make. You choose to be happy, and then you work at it."

Have you been feeling down for quite a while but does not really know why?

Have you felt unfulfilled about your job but does not know how the future can unfold differently and what to pursue? All seems possible, yet impossible.

Have you ever wonder what is your purpose in life and whether you should even have one?

Well, I had, for all of the above. When I was on my way to hit 40s with a happy family and more than a decade of professional experiences across 3 continents, I felt this overwelming self doubt and sadness flooded by unanswered questions like the above. And coaching, only through this journey of getting coached and becoming a coach was able to provide me the clarities in my work, life, myself that I never had before. I'm more focused, determined, fulfilled and happy than I ever had been, simply because I know myself so much better: I know exactly where I want to go and why, what is my strength, any self limiting beliefs unconsciously creeps in and how to remove them.

All it takes, is for an insightful thinking partner to see through the mist on the surface, the struggles under the water, and find that deep deep shining diamond at the bottom of you, and it, has always been there, within you, as a big part of you.

No matter it's career transition, purpose & fulfillment or mid life happiness. Dear friends, I am honored, to be invited on this journey of self discovery and empowering to achieve your goal, with you.


Our Coaching Process

After the initial chemistry session to hear, understand and discuss your goal and motivation, a bespoke coaching curriculum will be uniquely created for you, empowering you to reach your goal including but not limited to:

INSPIRING understanding your goals, identity

MEANINGFUL understanding your purpose, values, beliefs

PASSIONATE understanding your passion, identify you strength

ADVENTUROUS free yourself from self doubts and limiting beliefs

CONTENT understanding and managing emotions


Hear from the Coachees

“Fan has helped me bring clarity in the decision-making process regarding the next step of my career. She helped unearth what were the areas that mattered to me, not only professionally, but also on a deeper and more meaningful personal level”

“Fan has an innate ability to connect at a deeper level and create a safe space for me to be able to share openly. She is a great listener and helped me evolve in my thought process. Our sessions started with warm discussion leading to roots causes and actions. I always looked forward to my sessions with Fan.”

Fan is a great listener and a caring coach. Her coaching helped me understand myself better: my values, my needs and my goals. She helped bring clarity on what matters to me and what would make me happier. Her coaching was the nudge I needed to break down my subconscious “brakes” that were preventing me from pursuing my dream.

AL, Finance portfolio manager, boxer

NG, Consultant, Yogi

AG, Data Scientists, Nature lover

Service Details

  • First free session (30 minutes) to answer all your questions about the coaching process, clarify your goal and most importantly, getting to know each

  • Single coaching session, package of 5 sessions or 10 sessions (60 minutes per session)

  • Team Discovery workshop upon request

About the Coach

Fan has spent two decades living and working in multi-cultural context in China, France, US and Singapore. She mentored and coached individuals in high-growth industries such as tech, media, advertising, FMCG and agencies.

She is a mom of two, a natural optimist and speaks Mandarin, English, French.

Empathy is her superpower.

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